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Welcome to the English section of our website. If you're planning to visit the vast and beautiful countryside our region has to offer, there's no better way to do it than aboard a Land Rover. Now, you're probably aware of that by now; after all you've found us! But if you're concerned about getting parts and technical advice in this remote country for your vehicle, don't worry: you've come to the right place.

Mickey Land Rover is the leading parts supplier in Argentina with more than 50-year experience and full technical background.

What we offer

> Over 5000 references permanently in stock

> We can import unavailable parts on request in a few days

> Readily available technical information on demand

> Same day delivery to everywhere in the country

> Competitive prices, as we buy directly from UK's largest suppliers

> Immediate quotation of parts, available or not

Due to our technical background and decades-long experience with Land Rover, we can provide good advice, trouble-free communication and full understanding, so in addition of being a reliable source of spare parts, we can be a valuable source of knowledge and information, of course at no cost.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Carlos at (0054)(11) 5199-0142 or by e-mail at carlos@mlrparts.com.ar

Some recommendations

Vehicle choice

Bear in mind this is a very large and unpopulated area of the world, in which specialist service and parts can be really hard to find, sometimes even in major cities; that's why you should avoid newer vehicles with plenty of electronics and go for an older model (it's not the only reason, however, please read on). A well-mantained 300 Tdi would be the ideal choice, as it's a very simple and reliable unit (way more trouble-free than sophisticated newer models), and it's well known by nearly every shop in the region with no special diagnostic tools required. Parts for these models are readily available, and in fact most of our current stock applies to these vehicles. In addition, hundreds of companies all over the country have owned these type of Land Rovers for nearly two decades now, and they're very familiar with them, which can be of valuable help when you're in the middle of nowhere. Owner maintenance and roadside emergency repairs are also much simpler in older models when compared to newer, more sophisticated vehicles.

Fuel considerations

Fuel quallity is another important concern (that's the other reason). Newer vehicles are equipped with Diesel engines designed to be used with high-quality low-sulphur (premium) Diesel fuel, which is only available in Argentina in major cities and main roads, sometimes thousands of kilometres apart, so you cannot certainly count on that you'll get it when you need it. Now, of course you can use regular Diesel fuel in newer engines, but it will definitely cause any number of problems sooner or later, which can be costly to repair and, even worse: leave you out of the road for quite a while. Additionally, fuel itself can be contaminated with water or dirt, particularly in older service stations in remote areas with rotten tanks, and latest vehicles do not have sedimentors as older ones do; instead an electric-operated pump suctions the fuel (or whatever is) at the bottom of the tank, and contaminated fuel can (and will) severely shorten fuel pump life.